Hegar Uterine Dilator Sounds 3-4 11-12, Pinwheel Grave Vaginal Speculum Small

By | March 11, 2015
 3-4 11-12+pinwheel+grave-640x480

3-4 11-12+pinwheel+grave-640×480

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Product Description : Hegar Uterine Dilator Sounds 01 Piece 3-4 01 Piece11-12 01 Piece Pinwhhel 01 Piece Grave vaginal Speculum Small IMPORTANT FEATURES: Expertise in Dental and Surgical Instruments: HAMZA STORE are manufacturing a huge range of general surgical instruments and dental instruments such as extracting forceps, root elevators, pliers, gum scissors, needle holders, retractors, cheek retractors, raspatories, chisels & gouges, rubber dam, mouth mirrors and handles, scalers, gracey curettes, filling instruments, explorers, crown removers, cartridge syringes, impression trays, orthodontic pliers etc. Specialist in Orthodontic Pliers and Gracey Curettes: HAMZA STORE are specialist in orthodontic pliers/cutters and gracey curettes manufacturing, Perfect angles and sharp edges of the gracey curettes are great virtue of our company. In Orthodontic Pliers/Cutters, Bird Beak Pliers, Tweed Loop Forming Pliers, Light Wire Pliers, Loop Closing Pliers, Lingual Arch Pliers, Arch Forming Pliers, Aderer – Three Jaw Pliers, Adams Pliers, Universal Pliers, Spring Forming Pliers, Utility Arch Pliers, Jarabak Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, How Pliers, Weingart Pliers, D.B. Bracket Removing Pliers, Posterior Band Removing Pliers, Distal End Cutters, Pin And Ligature Cutters, Hard Wire Cutters and many more… Well Experts in Fishing Pliers: HAMZA STORE manufacture a wide range of fly tying tools and fly fishing tools such as nippers, clamps, scissors clamps, mitten clamps, release clamps, scissors, pliers, hackle pliers non slip, hackle pliers rotary, ceramic bobbins, whip finisher, dubbing hook, bodkin, bobbin threader, half hitch tools, hair stackers & scissors with tungsten carbide insertion.etc We have a hue range of all kind of Orthopedic Instruments, Gynecology Instruments, Sex Products, Surgical instruments of all Kind..etc. If you want further details please don’t feel hesitation to contact us. Thanks

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