Hegar Uterine Dilator Sounds 3-4 11-12,Grave Vaginal Speculum Large,Medium,Small,Collin Vaginal Speculum Large

By | March 11, 2015
 hegar_dilator_set 3-4 11-12_grave3_collin speculum-640x480

hegar_dilator_set 3-4 11-12_grave3_collin speculum-640×480

Product Description : Hegar Uterine Dilator Sounds 01 Piece 3-4 01 Piece11-12 01 Piece GraveVaginal Speculum Large 01 Piece Grave Vaginal Speculum Medium 01 Piece Grave Vaginal Speculum small 01 Piece Collin Vaginal Speculum Lareg Made in High Stainless Steel

Price: $47.95

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